Ewon Flexy 205 Internet connection drops down and VPN drops simultaneously

Goodmorning hej hej, Our Ewon Flexy 205 with WIFI extensioncard will not hold the internet connection and VPN. The connection drops down simutaneously. I saved the log file, I hope you can support us to solve this problem into a stable internet connection.

Problems. 1) Internet connection drops down and VPN drops simultaneously
2) Hard to reconnect with WIFI or fallback wired Ethernet (5-15 minutes)

This problems comes after one week working well on one fixed internet connection without fallback. After the connection disturbances we made a fallback connection via the Wizard



I reviewed the back up, and I noticed that the connection is dropping from the wifi. It could be that there isn’t a strong enough signal for the flexy to maintain connection with, or that there is interference. I would try an extended Antenna to find better reception.

Also, i do see that you are using an older firmware. I recommend that you update to our latest build.