Ewon Flexy 205 Tag Issues



I’m having an issue with tags created in an AB CompactLogix controller. Most of the tags are polled correctly by the Flexy, but there are a good bit that show up as having “bad status”:

I found a different forum post about the “Disable Tags in Error” checkbox, and this fix did get rid of about half of the errors I had with tags. Is there something else I could check?

Also, I’m having an issue if I change the data type of the tag in flexy, it claims that the tag has been updated, but the data type never changes. So far all I’ve been able to do is delete the tag completely and remake it, which is less than ideal.



The Disable tags in error will make it so that if it’s an individual tag with a fault that it will stop trying to repeatedly call that tag. The repeated calling of a faulted tag could cause other tags to show up as faults due to the delay caused by the actual faulted tags.

For the tags that didn’t have the bad status disappear after disabling this, check and make sure that the way you are calling the tags is correct.

As for tags not saving after you make changes this seems like a bigger issue. Do you know if you have the most recent firmware installed on the device?


Hi Tim,

Is there an easy way to check the firmware version of the device? Under system information it shows the device as “Flexy (FLEXY20500_00)”



This can be found in eBuddy when connected to the device.

The newer firmwares it can be found down near the bottom of the page


Gotcha. Here’s the firmware version: 13.2s0PR


Are you grabbing data from more than one PLC or are some of the tags on one PLC working and some aren’t


Just 1 PLC. I’d say 90% of the tags or so are working, these are not. Seems like the Boolean ones aren’t working, but all of my real number tags are now working. Maybe there’s something wrong in the config for them?


Are any of the boolean tags working or is it just a certain group of them? How often are these tag values updating as well?


Some other Boolean tags work. There ones that aren’t are all the ones from the same “word.” I wonder if there’s something different I need to do on the PLC side? Also, the flexy is on autorefresh @ a rate of 1 second.


I’m just wondering if maybe there’s something wrong with the address. If you take one of the working tags and try to change it to the address of one of the ones that’s not working, I wonder if that will work?


Looks like it. If I change the address to a working one, it works. Tried it on 2 different tags. Going to look into the PLC configuration. Thanks.