Ewon Flexy and HMI Weintek


  1. Im using HMI weintek to get value from a flexy 205, i can get value from MEM tag normally but with EWON tag for value get from Ewon analog module the value display only 0 (the tag on Ewon works fine)
    => My current solution is using a MEM tag to get the value of EWON tag, then the HMI pull this value.
    Why is this happening and is there any better solution than this?
  2. When i plug out the sensor (or the client suppose to accidentally plug it out), the data is spilled and return a negative value.
    => My current solution is using Basic script to fix the value anytime it got spilled and return on a MEM tag (also because EWON tag currently cannot be pulled into hmi)
    So is there any better solution for this, too?

Thank you, best regard.

Are you getting any errors in the event logs when you try and poll the Ewon tags?

When you say that the data is spilled, do you mean that it’s just the same value but as a negative instead?

  1. No i didnt see any erro
  2. Yes

Hi Phil,

My colleague wanted me to ask what the protocol is that your PLC is using to poll the tags from the Ewon? Is it Modbus?


Im not using PLC, im using Flexy 202 and read data from sensor through module, then using a hmi weintek to poll data from flexy by modbus tcp

Oh ok, if it’s modbus my colleague suggested this.

If the protocol is Modbus, you may need to publish it in 32 bit (so 2 modbus register and in the HMI indicate how he must read the two register)

Forgot to mention, I have used 32 bit float from the start, also with the MET tag, and the MET tags work fine, unlike EWON
And about how to fixed the value when it reached unwanted range, is there a way to do it other than mine?

Sorry, just to make sure, both of these are checked off right?

Yes, and the TCP address on HMI also correct (this worked when i switched to MEM tag)

Hi Phil,

Can you PM me some login credentials for the account and device and I can try to take a look at this with my colleague in Belgium.