Ewon Flexy Data collection with Fetch software


I’m trying to collect data from my flexy 205 using the MAC solutions Fetch data collector software. I already followed the steps on the documentation, and the steps marked on the following video:

The connection to the Talk2M account works, the synchronization with the device works, my data its been generated but i can not get any single excel file from it.

I’m thinking that maybe it is a missing configuration in the flexy.

Kind regards


Is this program creating the csv file from the historical logging? When the data is exported the Flexy uses semicolons and not commas for separation.

Hello Zach.

Yes I’m using the historical of the Flexy and I’ve already tried with commas and semicolons. The same. No file on the specified folder.

Sorry, nevermind, it’s working with the semicolons. It’s just that it took more time than the time I’ve scheduled but now it’s working Right.

Thanks for the support!

Hi Zach.

Now we are trying to send the information to a database, we have tested the odbc connector and everything works, even the table was created in the database, but it doesnt have any register and the information does not gets updated

Do you have any idea of what we are doing wrong?


Is this importing the data direct from the Flexy or is it using the csv file that Fetch created?

Hello Zach.

We are trying to import direct from the Flexy to SQL database

Thanks for the support


This information maybe helpful with figuring out why you are not recieving data from the Flexy: