Ewon flexy - emodem problem

I have close to 30 flexy in operation and one of them is showing some strange “sms” warning (see image below).

Do you know what can be the root cause of these warnings ?

eWON.TAR (185 KB)

Do you know if there are text messages being sent to that SIM card?

This Flexy sim card cellular package is “data only”. The flexy is unable to send or received SMS.

I tested the “onsms” command (https://developer.ewon.biz/content/sms-reception-ewon) to see if the flexy was receiving sms and it never did.

Are you local to the device?

no, I have access to this flexy through the eFive (remotely).


The 4G modem version is : 20.00.502 …

According to this file, I will ne to return the 4G modem for a firmware upgrade …

Hi Vince,

Sorry about that can you go through the RMA procedure below: