Ewon Flexy flb3205 reboots with error


Seems like the Cell modem reboots after a period of time, and I’m not sure what the errors mean

This is just being used as a Cell Modem, we have a Watchguard firewall behind it that we try to VPN into

device is at


Hi Dale,

Can you make a backup of the device using eBuddy (include Support files) and send that?

I think updating to the latest firmware is a good idea (13.2), but I would only do that if you have physical access to the device, in case it goes offline.



See attached, let me know if I missed something,

We had to do a power cycle to the unit this morning, we were unable to get online with after Friday evening




Hi Dale,

After reviewing the logs, it looks like cellular modem problems are causing this and they should be resolved after updating to the latest firmware. Using eBuddy, you will have to update to 13.0 first and then 13.2. If you have any problems booting after updating to 13.0, remove the modem card, and power cycle the unit. Then finish update to 13.2, power down and re-insert the modem card. It should run much better after that.



I assume this can’t be done remotely? Or only remotely if there isn’t any issues ?


Hi Dale,

If you are connected via eCatcher it is possible to do the firmware update remotely though eBuddy, but this is not recommended. If you do choose to do this make sure you take a backup without supporting files first.



I haven’t seen any email on the following for setting put an ecatcher acount, at this point the customer is sending the unit back to me


Is that your email? If so, it is most likely in your junk mail.


I checked and don’t see anything but looks like the ecatcher software has activated thanks


Updated the firmware, did a test and connection failed again and it rebooted 2 times

Any other ideas?



It looks like you are trying to use a Proxy ( The firmware update did take care of the errors that were happening with the modem, so it looks like at this point there is a configuration problem, likely involving those proxy settings.

You can either try to fix those settings, or factory reset the device (which I would recommend) and start fresh. To do this, power off the device, hold the reset button down (you may need a paperclip), then power on the device while continuing to hold down the reset button for about 45 seconds or so. You will see the USR light flash RED and then go solid RED to indicate the processs has completed. At this time, power cycle the device once more. Then run the Wizards and reconfigure the device. Please make a backup WITHOUT selecting the Support Files before resetting the device.



What I don’t understand if there is a setting error, why does it work at all? I didn’t originally set this up just trying to make it work.

I’m no expert on these things or this type of networking but what would be the issue using a Proxy ?

I’m working on a sketch for you to understand what we are trying to do with this, all we are using this as is a cell modem, we have a WatchGuard T70 Firewall connected to it to handle a VPN Connection.


Diagrams with notes

17152-A02-MTUWS-002-Model.pdf (313 KB)

17152-A02-MTUWS-011.pdf (298 KB)


Did the hard reset, in minimal config and still not working and it still reboots



New error without anything going on except looking at unit homepage



Hi Dale,

The recent backups you sent are missing the supporting files.



Let me know if this has them, the modem just reset again



What software do I need to look at the backup files with the old log files or is that only you have ?


You can view the files on the device. The backup files are .txt.
Could you send us your talk2m account information so we can take a look at the device.


We have just been logging on over internet, not sure about the don’t think we are using that talk2m