Ewon Flexy flb3205 reboots with error

It looks like you are trying to use a Proxy ( The firmware update did take care of the errors that were happening with the modem, so it looks like at this point there is a configuration problem, likely involving those proxy settings.

You can either try to fix those settings, or factory reset the device (which I would recommend) and start fresh. To do this, power off the device, hold the reset button down (you may need a paperclip), then power on the device while continuing to hold down the reset button for about 45 seconds or so. You will see the USR light flash RED and then go solid RED to indicate the processs has completed. At this time, power cycle the device once more. Then run the Wizards and reconfigure the device. Please make a backup WITHOUT selecting the Support Files before resetting the device.


What I don’t understand if there is a setting error, why does it work at all? I didn’t originally set this up just trying to make it work.

I’m no expert on these things or this type of networking but what would be the issue using a Proxy ?

I’m working on a sketch for you to understand what we are trying to do with this, all we are using this as is a cell modem, we have a WatchGuard T70 Firewall connected to it to handle a VPN Connection.

Diagrams with notes

17152-A02-MTUWS-002-Model.pdf (313 KB)

17152-A02-MTUWS-011.pdf (298 KB)

Did the hard reset, in minimal config and still not working and it still reboots


New error without anything going on except looking at unit homepage


Hi Dale,

The recent backups you sent are missing the supporting files.


Let me know if this has them, the modem just reset again


What software do I need to look at the backup files with the old log files or is that only you have ?

You can view the files on the device. The backup files are .txt.
Could you send us your talk2m account information so we can take a look at the device.

We have just been logging on over internet, not sure about the don’t think we are using that talk2m

Hi Dale,

Looking at the errors it looks like something could be wrong with the modem. I recommend RMAing the FLB3205 expansion card. here is the process for doing so.

your ticket number is: 13847


I finally received the replacement modem, do I use the new SIM that came with the new modem or put in the SIM that was in the old Modem into the new Modem?

I put the old SIM in the new modem, we connected again and same problem same problem as before, any further ideas?

Can you view it remotely when I try to test the connection?

Need to get this resolved. ASAP


This morning’s testing, the WatchGuard VPN tunnel stay connected longer while only monitoring the remote screen via VNC but seems to fail again when I try to control the remote screen via my remote PC, that is what appears to happen


Hi Dale,

I have heard back from our Belgium office. Looking at the backup they pointed out the bootloader is old and could be causing some issues. We recommend performing a recovery though ebuddy to update the boot loader.

Also the errors “epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached”;“eproxy”;79340;33106 Indicates to many socket connections are being opened. With this error “stdsrv-receive socket error during read/write”;“eproxy”;79340;33001 They are thinking that the 4500 and 500 ports might not be allowed on your carrier. You might also be running software that is opening up to many new ports then can be handled.


Hi Dale,
Per our discussion on the phone here are a few things for us to try. To start we would like to update the boot loader of the ewon.
To do this you will need to go though a recover with ebuddy. You need to connect though a 10/100 switch to keep the connection alive as the device reboots during the process. With the switch in place and the ewon connected to via port 1, right click on the device in eBuddy and select recovery. On the next two screens they should auto populate and only require you to click next though them. You should then land on a page that auto downloads the firmware and prompts you to reboot the ewon with the reset button held down. This is similar to a factory reset. You should be able to follow the on screen instructions at this point. Where you are updating the boot loader you will run through this process twice.

Keep in mind this will reset the unit and it will need to be reset.

One thing I would like to try is to set the ewon up to connect to our talk2m service. We can then try connecting though ecatcher and our VPN to the LAN then from there open a VPN with your VPN service.

Additionally we can open up the ewons security settings to allow all connections and allow internet access though the ewon.
to allow internet access you will want to go into to the com.cfg files and set the following.

•NatItf = 2 (Nat and TF on WAN)
•VPNRedirect = 0 (Allow traffic outside the VPN tunnel)
•FwrdToWAN = 1 (Forward LAN traffic to WAN)
The com.cfg can be accessed under setup > storage > edit COM cfg

You can also find more info about the settins in com.cfg here.

Best regards,

Hi Dale,

Sorry for another email here,I thought of another idea that might be worth testing. We have had issues about a year ago that were tied to the 4g connection. The issue would go away and the connection remained stable when we set the device to 3g. Try dropping the device down to 3g MAX. If your disconnect issues go away this tells us the issues is with the modem.


Give me a call if you get a chance I can’t get recovery thing to work, do I need to power cycle the unit to reboot?

Modem really didn’t like being set at 3G many errors and status light of modem wouldn’t stay green

Finally got the recovery thing to work, can you logon and verify on WAN side? It’s solid again with Wireless network at automatic


Hi Dale,

Was this backup taken with the device in 3g max? It looks like it is not being allow on the the Network so might be a 4g only plan.

It looks like the boot loader is updated. Are you still seeing issues when opening up the connection to LAN device?