Ewon Flexy Multiple Site VPN over Cellular

I have 3 PLCs located several hundred feet from one another. Is it possible to create a VPN between 3 EWon Cozy over cellular. Does cellular data plan require static IP Addresses. Data needs to be shared between each of the 3 PLCs.

Also same question with WiFi, instead of cellular, understanding that the central site would require an access point that can see the other 2 sites.

Thanks in advance

No, the Ewon can’t be a VPN server for multiple clients. It can only be the client OR it can do a 1 to 1 VPN with another Ewon. So you’d actually need 4 Ewons to connect 3 sites, or you could use 2 Ewons and an openVPN server, like the Netgate 4100.

Only the server needs a static IP address or hostname.

You could use multiple Anybus Wireless Bridge II to connect the 3 sites if they were less than 400m apart and had line of site to each other. Keep in mind 400m is the max and a distance like that would need ideal conditions. The WiFi built-in to the Cosy does not have nearly that type of range. How far apart are the sites?