eWON Flexy Rebooting from pla- Modem error & watchdog timer in process (ppp)

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I have an eWON at the remote location, it keeps rebooting multiple times in a day. Logs and backup are are attached for the reference.

I have an eWON at the remote location which keep on the rebooting multiple times a day. In the logs following warning are there.

pla–Modem Error ( Com not detected).
Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (ppp).


Hi @Zubair_Javed,

There does appear to be an issue with the modem or SIM card, but you will have to contact your local support office for troubleshooting on this issue. You can do that by visiting:


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Any update on this issue?

Are you using a 3G modem? May need firmware update:

Ewon flexy 102 firmware version 14.2s0 and yes we are using 3G modem.

The document I posted above will explain the modem firmware update, which is different than the Flexy firmware update.

Hi Kyle,

I have the same problem on different installations.
Flexy 201 and 205, working over 3G and 4G.
I installed a brand new Flexy 205 with 4G module last week and there is no program in it so the problem cant be there. So what is the problem with this error and what is the solution?
Its a brand new device so the firmware is up to date i think, also with an other device we dit all the firmware updates and there isn’t an sollution for our problems of the reboots.



You are correct that the firmware is up to date on the modem. The Flexy firmware is 14.1 and latest is 14.2, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

It looks like the problem is either a settings or hardware issue with the modem. There is an error with the modem causing the reboot. Are you using the correct APN from your cellular provider? Do they require a pin or password? I would recommend doing a factory reset and trying again, being certain to use the correct settings.

If the problem persists, I would also encourage you to create a case at https://mysupport.hms.se because this is an EU model and hms.how is currently run by the Americas team. The EU team will be more familiar with the model and cellular provider you are using.