eWON Flexy Remote Restore

I connected to an ewon remotely (via ecatcher) and attempted to restore the eWon using eBuddy in order to update it with the most recent files/information. It appeared to work well up until the required restart of the flexy device. The device never came back online and now I’m stuck if I have nobody on the other end to manually reset the ewon for me.

Things I’ve tried:
Refresh eWon list page
Logout/Login eCatcher

In addition, how can I avoid this problem in the future if I want to update the eWON remotely?


Hello, @nickTriPhase1!

Unfortunately, we would not be able to determine what caused the device to be unable to come back online unless we had local access. I am guessing that something in the backup configuration that was restored to the device caused it to either lose Internet connection or its VPN tunnel. Oftentimes if a device is loaded with another device’s VPN configuration (keys, etc.), it will be unable to connect to Talk2M.

Please let me know if this helps and if there are any other questions I can answer for you. Also, once you have local connection to the device you can attach a backup .tar file with support files to this thread (let me know if you need instructions on how to do this). I can then review the logs and configuration to determine exactly what the issue is.

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I didn’t get a backup file of the eWon, but I’d like to share what the problem was and how to solve it.

An eWon setup was created on my personal eWon that I was to deploy to a customer. To cut corners, I just dumped the entire backup onto the customer’s eWon using eCatcher. As you stated, this totally messed with the device’s VPN configuration.

To solve this, unfortunately you need to go to that messed up eWon in order to access it since it has no way of communicating with the Talk2M servers. The customer mentioned that it was “online”, but an important thing to mention is that it was not actually connecting to the Talk2M servers. I just had the customer copy and paste the activation key from eCatcher into the eWon.

To avoid this in the future, only dump a backup onto an eWon through Talk2M if everything VPN related (including the keys) are the same. If they are not, just individually paste in the components you want to add (any code, files, tags, etc).

Hopefully this helps anyone else from unnecessary headaches!


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Thanks so much for the follow-up and solution! I’m glad you were able to get the eWON back up and running.