Ewon Flexy205 Alarm of BOOL point

I’m using Ewon Flexy205.
I would like to communicate with the Omron PLC on Flexy205.

I have a question here.
First, Flexy205 reads the alarm from the Omron PLC as bit address.
Can Ewon Flexy205 indicate alarm off when its bit is 0 (False) and alarm activation status when bit is 1 (True)?

Second, provide time information (BCD type) from the top (HMI) to the TIME SET DEVICE area.
Can I set the time of Flexy through this BCD address?

Thank you very much for your help.
Have a good day.


The flexy can alarm on a boolean. You will have to create a tag on the Flexy, enable alarm setup in the tag, and choose which Boolean level you want eh alarm at.

As for setting time you can use and NTP server or write a script in the BASIC IDE and use a tag.

thanks you a lot.