Ewon going offline every few minutes


Ewon CD, logs show VPN service stopping and starting every few minutes. Seems to crash when I’m trying to update the settings. Changed to force TCP, changed keepalive to 30. VPNdiag to 4 to get more diag info. Going to check the status in the morning.


Hi Ally,

Looks like the eWON stayed online all night! Can you check with the customer and make sure they aren’t still having problems?



Hi Kyle,

Any luck looking in to this?




I guess you didn’t get my email this morning:


I did not, but I did just call the customer and they aren’t having any problems as of yet! The machine appears to have held its connection up until now. The machine operator is going to restart the machine tomorrow and let me know if the issue continues.

Could you please send me a detailed description of what you did to resolve this? We internally log issues and resolutions for our own purposes.


Sure, these are the settings that seemed to make the difference:

  • Changed the VPN mode from UDP mode to ‘Force TCP’ and re-ran the VPN Wizard
  • Changed the keepalive interval (VPNAlive setting in Com Cfg) to 30 secs
  • Raised ‘MaxCallDur’