eWON importing tags


This isn’t working for me. I’m using a flexy 205 with FW PR14.

It imports the tags correctly, but doesn’t write them back to the flexy, even though it thinks it has(no errors).

Likewise, I can export to csv, but when I import, all the values end up in column A in the tag generator.

What am I doing wrong?

Cheers M

Hi @Insyncs.co.uk

Generally I don’t recommend using the Tag generator software because it’s not something that developed by HMS and as a result isn’t being maintained. These posts should show you how to import/create tags using Filezilla with excel or a text file though.

let me know if you have any questions

As Tim as mentioned you have to be a bit careful with the tag generator. There are some columns that were added depending on the firmware version of the Flexy unit.

Referencing your issue with the information all being in the same column on the import. Try selecting the column and then navigate to the data tab and then select the option Text to Columns. Use the Delimited option and then select the semi colon as one of the delimiters. This will move the information to respective columns.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that. I was looking at the files earlier.

I can add tags to the CSV, but how do you then copy and paste into txt file with out the text to columns formatting?

Cheers Marcus

Hi Tedsch,

Text to columns is ok, its putting it back columns to text i’m struggling with if using teh manual method in Tim’s examples.

Cheers M

It looks like if you have office 365 you can use the function listed below, you’d just need to use a semicolon instead of a comma

I just tried it on my PC with this example:


Hi Tim,

i saw that post too, but it doesn’t wrap everything with double quotes?


Hmm I’m not quite sure on this part then. There’s probably some kind of function that’s available to do this in excel but I’m not sure what it might be. It might be easier to just use the excel sheet as a reference and then append the tags/ make new ones in the .txt file so that the formatting would be the same

Hi Tim,

The following works kind of.

1.use teh tag generator to read current tags from the ewon
2. add additional tags
3.export as CSV
4. copy csv file and change extension to .txt
5. check tags added correctly
6. copy var_lst.csv and var_lst.txt

Everything up to step 6 works, but when i copy the files back to the ewon, that tags are not updated.

Any ideas how to get the new var_lst files into the ewon?


I think there may just be some kind of issue with the tag generator, I’d recommend avoiding that if you can and just use the var_lst files to manually modify them

Check the log files to make sure there are no errors on import. Also does the tag generator have all the columns that the Flexy has? There were new columns added with firmware 13 and looks like firmware 14 will have a few new columns as well.

Ah OK that nailed it. The log file showed error importing file…

I copied the files from the flexy onto my PC first, then checked, renamed and added any columns as required then re imported, added my additional tags the send to flexy and it worked.

Note you need to rename the columns, not insert or delete, this causes errors when importing!

Cheers M

Other things to watch out for, Any commas or semi colons in the tag description will mess up the export function from the excel sheet.
If I am having issues with an import then I will take a look at the var_lst.csv file and compare it to the errors from the log files.

yeah that will do it! i guess it will need revising or checking every time the FW is changed, but for this project that has circa 500 tags, that’s just saved me a bunch of time!

i cannot post it here but i can send you a copy if you PM me your email?

Cheers M

Thanks for the offer but it is not needed. I have copies of the tag sheet for each firmware. Learned the hard way that I needed one for each firmware.