eWon in China



I have a customer in China that has their eWon connected to the internet.
From my eCatcher, i can see it online but when I’m trying to connect i get the following error:

I tried to force both TCP and UDP without any success.

Any ideas on this issue ?
Thanks in advance.


We were just working on this one with another customer and this seemed to fix the issue

Can you run Deltapall as administrator, followed by install as administrator and then run the renametap vbscript file.

If windows doesn’t let it be renamed, you can rename it here to “Talk2m-eCatcher”


While i was searching the forum i found one solution that said “connect from a different network”.
I used my mobile phone as a hotspot for my laptop and i managed to connect to that eWon in China.

OK i will try this as well, since it looks like a more stable solution.