eWON Internet connection failure

We have a COSY customer getting these errors -

esync-Cannot establish WAN Connection
wanmgt-WAN connection request has time out
wanmgt - WAN connection request failed: DHCP
emodem-During Dial out the modem returned no carrier


eWON serial # is 1831-0822-22

They have tried different SIM cards and they both haven’t worked, these sim cards have worked in other devices successfully. The unit is in an area with 3G connection. They’ve tried lots of different APNs and the device’s firmware is 14.4s1.

Any ideas?

Can you attach a back up with support files for this unit? I will need to review the full configuration.

Does the modem being used support 3G? The newer Verizon modem does not support 3G.



Looking through the backup, it looks like the modem is not getting a IP for the networks you are trying to use. The GSM level is at 19, which is right above our required level of 18.

It could be that the local networks are not having a strong enough signal to get communication established.

Given that your location is Australia, i do advise that you create a ticket through system. They will be able to work with you more closely on the issue.