Ewon IP-Read Error on Internet Test

Hello, I have installed a new ewon at my customers facility. We have opened the firewall to allow ANYTHING. During the internet test the Connection is timing out. After sniffing the packets the Ewon keeps retransmitting the connection makes it to the server but drops during receiving. Any ideas what would be the issue for the packet to drop? The IT support wanted to know if it was possible to change the WAN public IP address for the EWON?

Do you mean the network firewall or the Ewon firewall (WANitProt in comcfg.txt)?

This is most likely your network firewall blocking the return packets. You should be able to find which rule it is in the firewall logs.

Yes, it is possible, but if you are leaving the Ewon’s firewall open, this is not very secure and not recommended. Make sure to use a very strong password on the Ewon if you choose to leave it exposed to the Internet.

Please see: KB-0209-00 - Addresses and ports used by Talk2M .


Kyle, the firewall on ourside was left open, not the ewon. Do you think adjusting the firewall on the ewon may allow the traffic to come in?

No, it’s nothing to do with the firewall on the Ewon. It’s a network issue.

Deryck will continue working with you on this case through our support ticketing system.