eWon keeps dropping offline and back online

Hi, I have two eWons here connected to the same network(one through Wifi the other through cable)

they both showing online officne every few minutes, or every other minutes. Not sue it is IT issur or noice in the calbe. I have downloaded support file, any clue? can i open the support file to check as well?

HamberIssue is for eWon using cable, Humberissue2 is for eWon using wifi. Thanks in advance


The Ethernet Ewon seems to have had a temporary network issue, but it’s been online now since 2023-03-21T04:16:58 GMT.

The WiFi Ewon is going onfline/offline constantly and there appears to be an issue between it and the WiFi system. You may have to check the logs in the WiFi controller to find out why this is happening:

What type of WiFi system is this?

Many thanks, Kyle, as always.
For ethernet eWOn, Do you know what happened before the 21st and much earlier history? such as February and early March?

For Wifi Ewon, WLAN is used.

So we only have logs from 3/16 since there were so many logging events and the older get overwritten. However, I see some events indicating either interference or a weak signal on the ethernet cable. Is this a long unshielded run of ethernet?

Usually you can fix these problems by either:

  1. Replacing the ethernet cable with shielded cable, or
  2. Inserting a small unmanaged switch between the ethernet cable and Ewon and connecting the Ewon to the switch with a short patch cable.
  3. If the run is 100m or more, you should put the switch about halfway along the run to break it up into 2 50m+ runs.
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Thanks Kyle.
You are right, the site has been suffering from power issues that occasionally drop the machine side network. I will work from this, maybe high voltage form big inverters caused this.

You’re welcome. Please let me know if you have any other questions.