eWON kick each other off of Talk2M servers

Ken with Mitek has 2 eWons that have been part of the network. One was down and would not connect, they reconfigured it and it was working. Then another ewon quit working, when the other ewon was attached to the network it kicked the second off. The configured the second and the first went down. Different serial numbers and names. Ideas? See blade 267 and blade 278.

I can send log information if needed.

Two possibilities:

If they are kicking each other off of the local network, they are probably using the same static IP address on the WAN.

If they are kicking each other off of T2M (eCatcher) they are likely both using the same key for T2M. This can happen if you restore a backup from a device with the T2M key from another or use the same activation key. Just rerun the T2M Wizard on one of the devices. (With the other offline)

He reran the wizard on both and the units are using DHCP on the WAN side

I think you are going to have to factory reset them. Somehow the serial number was copied from one to the other, most likely from a backup/restore process.

This customer configures each unit individually before shipping. Something else is going on. They have dozens if not hundreds of units in the field. They know how to set them up. What else would cause this?

Plesae provide backups (with Support files) for both devices and I’ll look into it further.


They were commissioned with the default as we don’t use backup configurations.

He will schedule time next week to download the files.

Any luck getting those backups with the support files?

Ken is on vacation but plans on getting them when he’s back.

OK thanks for the update.

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