eWON Modbus IO Server smothered

I am using an eWON flexy 201 as a protocol converter between ABlogix and modbus TCP. I have run into an issue when some of the modbus or ABlogix tags are not available causing the eWON to freeze for about 15-30 seconds.
To identify this I was changing the value of a PLC tag that is then converted to a modbus tag which then causes a digital IO card to output and open a valve. Normally the valve opens within 1 second but with a frequency of around once every 3 changes the valve will take between 5-30 seconds to respond to the PLC tag change.
When this delay happens the eWON web gui will not display any content. I can change pages but tags in the values page will not display during this 30 second freeze.

If I remove the tags that are no communicating then the issue goes away. This cannot be the solution as parts of this system need to be turned off which will cause this issue.

My best guess for the cause of this problem is that eWON is trying to communicate with the tags that are offline but cannot find them can stalling communications with online tags.

Is there a way to configure the IO server to skip tags that are not online?
I have configured in global settings for IO servers “disable tags in error” but that did not fix the issue.
The logs are full of smbs - connection errors.

I have attached a backup of the config.BFD_eWon_Backup_20200211.tar (61 KB)

You should not be operating it with “Disable Tags in Error”. That should only be used for troubleshooting. You need to fix or delete the incorrect tags.

You can also adjust the timeout and retry settings (see below) to optimize performance.

I have disabled “Disable Tags in Error” and adjusted the IOsrvData parameters up and down with little to no improvement.
This issue causes the eWON to freeze and become unresponsive for a short period.
Is there a Basic IDE script that I can use to add the tags based on a PLC input? Eg. If the tags are known to be offline removed them as tags so it doesn’t cause this bug?

Hello @barryt,

I am not aware of a preexisting basic script to enable and disable tags. You can manage the tags from basic. We have this example that loads the tags then configures the sms alarm number. https://developer.ewon.biz/content/change-tag-parameter-settings-multiple-tags-basic
this doen’t give you an easy way i can think of off hand to disable the tags.

If you only have a few sets of tags to disable you could set those up on their own IO server and disable that IO server. We have an example of that here:

It looks like the enable example has a typo. It doesn’t look like the enable example enables anything. Here is an example that would enable topic A but leave B & C disabled.

setsys sys, "load"

setsys sys, "IOSrvData0" , "EnabledA:1" +chr$(13)+chr$(10)+ "EnabledB:0" +chr$(13)+chr$(10)+ "EnabledC:0"

setsys sys, "save"