eWON - Offline issues



I have 6 ewon Flexy205’s out in the field for a customer (account name “engineeredlubrication”) that frequently show offline status. These are all connected via ATT cell networks. When they do pop up online, I can connect to them, pull up the ewon web page and see the cell network is either full strength or at worst, one bar below full strength.

As an example, the “Patapsco” ewon on the account showed offline most of the day yesterday and I was unable to connect. This morning It shows it online and I can connect up to it and view the logs. It shows several offline and online entries from yesterday, but the times it says it was online, I was still unable to access it.

Attached is a backup file with support info (for “Patapsco”) I just downloaded this morning from there. Can you give me some pointers on things to look for to solve this intermittent connectivity issue?


Ryan Nicholson



Hi Richard,

Can you upgrade to firmware 13.2 and see if that resolves this issue?


I don’t have physical access to any of these eWON’s out in the field. I can remotely upgrade the firmware without wiping my t2m connectivity and configuration?

Ryan Nicholson



I generally wouldn’t recommend updating devices remotely just in case the device goes offline. But you don’t need to worry about losing configuration settings just from a firmware update