eWON purchased from Ebay

I bought an Ewon on ebay to try it out for future use projects. I did a hard reset but it will not let me configure as it says it is registered to another account. How can I solve this ?

Kim Shipway

Do you have any way to contact the seller of the device and have them remove it from their account?

Thanks Tim. I have contacted them and waiting for a response.

Ok thanks, let me know what you find out


I have not gotten a response yet. Is there anyway you can contact the place it was registered to and ask them to unregister it?


Hi Kim,

Unfortunately the option we’re able to do is wait for the seller to get back to you on the request to remove the device from the old account.

I’m screwed

Sorry about that,

Unfortunately for security reasons we can’t remove the device from the original owners account. Is the seller not responding?


They have not responded yet. Have tried to get in touch multiple times.