eWON rebooting during Internet Wizard - need to factory reset


How do I generate a second level reset?

• Power the unit OFF and ON again

• Immediately press and maintain the reset button. The LED labeled BI1 turns ON.

• Wait approximately 35 seconds until the USR LED remains RED steady.

• When this state is reached, release the button. The LED labeled BI1 turns OFF.

• Check if the auto test is successful, the USR LED flashes RED with a pattern of 200ms ON
and 1,5 sec OFF1

. The eWON COSY does NOT restart in normal mode by itself and
remains running in this diagnostic mode.

• You have to power the eWON COSY OFF and ON again to reboot the unit in normal
mode. As described before, the eWON returns to its default COM parameters and
factory IP addresses (like LAN after this level 2 reset is performed.


Hi Kyle, thank you very much for the procedure. Unfortunately, this didn’t fix the problem.

We have a warranty on the eWon, so we will proceed with it with your supplier.

However, we would like to have an additional unit for backup,

Who should I contact to buy one unit?



Hi Howard, we would like to buy one Ewon Cosy, Might I have a quotation, It’s a little bit urgent,




Are you all set with that? You have a distributor?



Thank you Kyle, I was contacted by the sales department and we are getting a quotation,

Thank you