eWon reboots every 24 hours


I have an eWon that goes offline at 6:40 AM Pacific time. Is this something the eWon can do or is an external influence that is more likely?


Hi @George,

If it’s a cellular connection and going offline for only a few seconds and at the same time every day, that is intentional to refresh the connection. It can be disabled in comcfg.txt by setting ‘MaxCallDur’ to 0.

If you’re on ethernet or WiFi it is probably something external, but I can’t be sure without seeing the logs. If you would like to share them, please use eBuddy to make a backup, making sure to check “Include Support files” and attach to your return email.




Hello Kyle,
Thanks for the information. This is a literal reboot


In that case I will need to see the logs to help.


Here is a copy of the logs9-12-19.device-logs.csv (61.3 KB)
Looking forward to your input.


I will need the actual device logs:


Hello Kyle,

Here is the backup with support files