eWON shows "online" in eCatcher but get "internal server error" when trying to connect

Last night, all eWONs in my eCatcher account showed as OFFLINE. Looking at a few posts from last night in this thread it appears there was some issues after network maintenance by HMS. But these issues have been resolved.

However, I have one unit that shows as “Online” in eCatcher but get “internal server error” when trying to connect. The same unit is showing as “Offline” through the m2web platform. Can someone please provide some troubleshooting options to help resolve this?

Can you provide a serial numbers of the devices having issues for us to look into?


Hello, It looks like the ewon was offline when i took a look. I did see a possible erroneous VPN connection that i cleared out. Let me know if this resolved the issue.


The issue has been resolved. Thank you!

Great! Glad to hear it is resolved.


Hi Deryck, unfortunately this eWON is OFFLINE again since 4/26/21 1:41am. Would you please see if there are any issues you can resolve with this device. Serial number 2011-0579-24.


I don’t don’t see any issues on the server side of the device. The device is showing offline. You might need to have someone check the server locally.


Thanks Deryck, the problem was in fact the firewall of the end user. They have requested we provide what IP address’ will need access to the eWON in order to permit our access. How do I find out what IP address is being used to connect to the eWON through eCatcher and the m2web platform? Also, if we have multiple accounts so I believe we’ll have to check the IP address’ that those accounts use as well.

You can find info on the addresses and ports on the ewon site here: Ewon Technical Support - Talk2M VPN Servers


Great, thanks again Deryck!

You’re welcome!