eWon stopped allowing access to LAN

I have over 30 Cozy 131 deployed and one of them has stopped allowing access to the machine-level devices. This unit has been working properly for months and currently I can reach the eWon and access its web page but no other devices. I have had the personnel onsite verify the cabling, then install a new cable and then move that cable to a new port on the machine’s ethernet switch. all other devices must be communicating correctly as the machine is working properly.

I will be making a trip to the customer’s site next week to troubleshoot the issue.

My questions;

  1. what else can I check to figure out what is going on?
  2. has this problem been seen before?
  3. is there a phone number if I need help in the future and can’t access the form or can’t wait for a virtual response?

Hi @RJBraden,

There could be a number of reasons for this which are described in this document:

Unable to reach devives on the LAN side of the ewon (troublseshooting).pdf (277.3 KB)

If you create a ticket at https://support.hms-networks.com during our regular business hours (8AM EST to 8PM EST Monday - Friday) we will respond very quickly to assist you. You can also access troubleshooting information at that site, this forum, the Developer’s Forum, or the Ewon Support page 24/7.

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I did forget to mention in my original question that my 30+ Cosy 131’s are on identical systems and all set up using the Device and Firewall setup (all set the same) set up in eBuddy. LAN ip’s are the same for all. When these are added to eCatcher it is using the Duplicate function, all setting should be identical.

network overlap should not be an issue. we addressed that early on under “Devices and Firewall”
Firewall in eCatcher is set to high but no change when set to low.
nat/tf set to 3 and rebooted eWon per doc, with no change
unable to ping LAN devices

unless you have some other items to check I will presume it is either a cabling issue that the onsite personnel have missed or a failed eWon that will need to be replaced.

Have you added all of the devices that you are trying to reach here?

Yes, all eWons have devices added to avoid conflicts