Ewon Tag generator support question re: importing to Ewon Flexy

eWON users we have a quick question regarding the use of the eWON Tag Generator transfer file.

We’re trying to import tag data from the eWON to the REV 7 Tag Generator file and getting the “run time” error. We’ve used the file in the past without issues when connected directly to the eWON via an Ethernet cable, but in this case we’re connecting remotely (the equipment is out in the field) via the VPN portal that is created via eCatcher (6.5.2)

We’re using the IP Address of the eWON not the static IP address provided by the eCatcher.
We’re also using the log in credentials of the eWON flexy.

Has anyone been successful with using the eWON REV 7 Tag generator file to configure tags when connecting remotely?

Hello @bwragon,

This tool is not provided by HMS and is difficult for us to troubleshoot.

Are you able to FTP files off of the ewon with that IP and connection you create?

This error might be related to a file missing in excel or for the document. Our antivirus blocks the .xlsm document perhaps something is getting deleted.

You can also FTP the var_list off of the ewon and update the tags in excel then FTP the file back onto the Flexy. Keep in mind the var_list is semicolon delimited.

I believe Rev7 is designed for firmware V14.1+.
I would check the firmware. Also, what is in the event log?