eWONcosy 131

I have your unit in a piece of equipment we purchased, on a reset level 2 the usr led is red all the time


Did you power off the device after the reboot?

Also can you provide the serial number of the unit?

The level 2 procedure is found below:

Hello Kevin, the serial # is 1525-0029-22, Yes, I powered off after the reboot


if another level 2 reset does not resolve the problem. See the RMA process below:


you can perform a recover with the process highlighted below. You will need to connect via LAN port to laptop, and utilize eBuddy to perform the recovery.

Kevin, Thank You. It wasn’t as straight forward as I thought it would be to find it under the topics, I assumed just clicking on the topic would bring me there. I will print out the procedure and proceed for the recovery

thanks again

Hi @DADurocher,

Here is our info:

HMS Industrial Networks
77 Sundial Ave.
Suite 302W
Manchester, NH 03103

We can take a look at it to see if it’s possible to recover.