Excel Config File for Anybus Modbus to BACnet Gateway


I am trying to configure a Anybus gateway AB9900-100-A (SN:000K7408)

Attached are:

· The config file as exported from the “off the shelf’ gateway

· My proposed config file. When I try to import, I get the message “Please, Correct errors before importing Excel projects”.

I populated as follows

BACnet Server mode IP, Ip address

Description and name UPC Open network Point list - object name

Type UPC Open network Point list - object ID – type

Instance UPC Open network Point list - object ID – number

Modbus Master type TCP, Node 0 (ip address

Device Node0_Device0

Slave 0

Length per type – AV = 16 bit, BV = 1 bit

Format per example in exported file

ByteOrder per example in exported file

address based on experience with other Modbus devices

33XXX is a memory real number

12xxx is a discrete memory coil.

Please advise.

Thank You

Randall Stevens

Process Automation Engineer

Dow Chemical Company

BacNetCfg.xlsx (35.4 KB)

Exported_Cfg_File.xlsx (13.2 KB)

Glut Refrig Communication.abmaps (25.7 KB)


Hi Randall,

I’m still looking through the manual on this, but one thing that I’ve noticed so far is that nothing in the active column is set to true in this excel sheet. I’ll keep looking for more info on this


Set all to true.

Still the same error code.


Changing to true had no affect.


Hi Steve,

Would it be possible to set the device up through the UI instead of through the excel sheet like in the video below?


This appears to require that the gateway is connected to the BACnet device. Is that correct?


For the initial setup with setting tag names, discriptions, ect. you should only need to be connected to the Anybus device. This should get past the excel issue at least. After that we can connect to the Bacnet device and continue debugging



Just wanted to see if this issue was resolved before I close this ticket



Close the ticket.