Exchange Data File between 2 Flexies


Is it possible to exchange data files between two Flexy that are not in the same factory via FTP using the BASIC commands “GETFTP and PUTFTP”?

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Not on the same network?

If they are not on the same network, it’s possible if they both have public IP addresses, however this is not recommended because this opens your devices up to the internet which makes them less secure.

Hi joe_hms

It is not possible to use the Talk2M connection to secure the FTP exchange between the 2 Flexy?

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What kind of data are you trying to exchange?
You can use our M2WEB API to read/write tags through Talk2M.

We have an example located here:


It is a data file that contains several differents informations, assembled from several tags throughout the production day (for the first plant) and that would benefit from being transferred to the second plant for the next steps.

Currently, we have a program that ensures the transfer of the file between the 2 plans and we will stay that way for now.

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I apologize for the delayed response here.

We can do this without public IPs using our M2web API and a export block descriptor (EBD). This exchange of information will use the HTTP port not the FTP port.

In my example below, I put this script on the Flexy requesting the file but the talk2M credentials in the script are for the Flexy that has the file (the other device).

The name of the file I am requesting is called “Filename1.txt” which is in my Flexy’s USR folder. In this example, I grab the contents of the ‘Filename1.txt’ file and put it in the USR folder on my other Flexy in a file called “TestFile.txt”.

Init Section:
account$ = "Test_Account"
username$ = "test_user"
password$ = "password"
developerid$ = "9fdbbea1-f457-4613-bb56-0133333333" 
method$ = "POST"
//info for remote flexy
devicename$ = "Flexy"
deviceusername$ = "adm"
devicepassword$ = "adm"
AST_Param$ = "$dtUF$uf/filename1.txt"
url$ = ""
url$ = url$ + "AST_Param="+AST_Param$+"&t2maccount="+account$+"&t2musername="+username$+"&t2mpassword="+password$ 
url$ = url$ + "&t2mdeveloperid="+developerid$+"&t2mdeviceusername="+deviceusername$+"&t2mdevicepassword=" + devicepassword$
Print url$
REQUESTHTTPX url$, method$, "","","","/usr/TestFile.txt"