Exchange live values 2 ewons


Trying too exchange live values between 2 devices connected to same talk2m account and following this example

getting an error with the last line, I’m not sure why apart from my credentials the only line I have changed from the example is

AST_Param$ = “$dtUF$uf/filename1.txt” to AST_Param$ = “$dtIV$ftT” which should be the instant values file?

and the last line

script below

TSET 1, 5
ONTIMER 1, “GOTO UpdateRemote”

account$ = “my account name”
username$ = “my username”
password$ = “my password”
developerid$ = “my developer id”
method$ = “POST”
//info for remote flexy
devicename$ = “my demo office”
deviceusername$ = “adm”
devicepassword$ = “adm”
AST_Param$ = “$dtIV$ftT”
url$ = “"
url$ = url$ + “AST_Param=”+AST_Param$+”&t2maccount="+account$+"&t2musername="+username$+"&t2mpassword="+password$
url$ = url$ + “&t2mdeveloperid=”+developerid$+"&t2mdeviceusername="+deviceusername$+"&t2mdevicepassword=" + devicepassword$
Print url$
REQUESTHTTPX url$, method$, “”,"","","$dtIV$ftT"

any suggestions?

What is the error message that you are seeing in the basic IDE?

If you are using m2web to exchange data I would recommended this process. This process uses the update m2web API to write to the remote flexy rather then generate an EBD and exchange the file back and forth.
Sharing Data Between 2 Flexys.docx (436.4 KB)

Hi Deryck

thanks for your reply and the document

the error i am getting is operation failed (28) 28 : requesthttpx url$, method$ “,”,",$dtlV$sfT

the reon im trying to use the EBD is because there could be 50 + tags, when i look at your document it appears that you need to specify each tag name you want to share? so this could be time consuming rather than just sharing the instant values?

This might be different the the other similar method. This one is updated that only requires “send” to be in the tag description. See step 1.

This does prevent you from adding additional descriptions to the tags. With a little rework you should be able to look at the tag group.