Execute IDE Basic script with parameters on Flexy via M2Web

HI all,

is it possible to execute an existing IDE basic script/function on a Flexy205 via M2Web with parameters, e.g. MyScript(tag1, tag2)?

Hello @Ralf,

There is no way to pass a function call though m2web the best option I can think of would be to set the script up to trigger with an onchange of a tag and write to the tag though m2web as shown in the following example.


HI @deryck_hms,

i guessed that already.
However, I do have one more question …
How does the runtime of the two variables behave in the example, i.e. are the variables set one after the other and therefore the e.g. OnChange-Event is triggered?
Or are the variables set “parallel”?

The background of the question is that I want to set two variables - one as string and the other as bool.
In simple terms, the string is to be output by setting the Bool like

if (Bool@=true) then
  if (String@<>"") then
    print String@

We are checking with the developers on this. The Flexy does not have anything atomic. So we need to check how the write tag is done to know if that is going to be done before the onChange is called. Running a tests we see all the variables set before the onChange function is called.


I think this could also be a possible solution for my problem.