Export Data eCatcher


Is it possible to export existing data in Talk2M portal via eCatcher or another way regarding users, groups and Lan Devices (the IP configured on the ewon) ?

Thank you



Exporting all your information in eCatcher is currently not a supported feature. For ewon devices it is possible to make a backup using eBuddy.

Thank you for your reply. My question isn’t too much linked to backup of router, but I would like to have a process for requesting access and having the list of configured equipment would make things easier.
It is strange we don’t have access to it, it is in the Talk2M portal, we should be able to extract it.



We do not have a way of supporting this right now. Due to the fact that you are in France I would recommend trying to reach out to your local distributor for a possible solution on this matter.

if you want to export the user list from ecatcher, you can select all users and copy/paste to excel