Export from MAPS to ETS5

We have setup two Intesis Samsung/KNX gateways and everything seems to be working.
What would be the best practice pattern to get the generated group addresses in MAPS into the ETS?
The export function only supports the XLSX (ETS needs either XML oder CSV) and I seem to not get the correct DPT types in the spreadsheet.
Kind regards
Thomas Stalzer


It can only support .xlsx format for exporting. You may need to convert the file type to what you may need.

This is surprising - we have 800+ attributes for all the fancoils. I would assume that everyone using a Intesis KNX gateway would need the functionality to export in a format that can be read by the ETS.


You can submit a request for this at mysupport.hms.se

This is is our case page. They may be able to create a solution for you that fits your needs.

Hi Kevin
I wrote a quick tool to convert the Intesis group address definitions to a format so it can be imported into the ETS to complete the KNX tool chain.

Oh Excellent.

I am glad you were able to get it working.