External antenna/cable for AB3010

I need to add an external antenna with cable extension for 2 x AB3010. Are there any limitations to cable length? We are hoping for 30-50 feet if possible. Also, we are installing the two AB3010 on overhead cranes that are on the same runway. With this in mind we don’t need 360 broadcast of the signal. Are there an antennas that you would recommed that focus transmission prrimarly in two directions with maximum signal?

Hi @Roth_Brent,

The longer the cable, the more signal loss. This is true for any type of radio, not just the Anybus. I would not recommend using a cable of this length.

It can be very complicated to calculate the actual loss. The following equation is used to calculate signal loss in dB/100m.

F(K1 + K2 + CLF) = CL

Where F is frequency, K1 is the resistive loss, K2 is the dielectric constant and CLF is the connector loss factor.

The output of the equation, CL, is the cable loss in dB per 100 feet.

Are you using 2.4GHz or 5GHz. For 5GHz the loss will be approximately double that of 2.4 GHz. There are some online calculators for this, but I’m not sure how accurate they are and they are very dependent on the cable type used.

I think you would be better off mounting the AB3010 where you were planning to mount the antenna and using the internal antenna. The internal antenna is a semi-directional antenna.

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Thank you. I just the rest of your comments (email version didn’t include the entire message). i think we have 2.4 GHZ currently, but will need to confirm next week.

You’re welcome. I think I may have added more after I responded the first time, so it probably wasn’t in the email.

2.4GHz will allow you to use a longer cable if you must use one, but generally you want to keep that fairly short, like 10 feet or so.