Factory LAN requirements for eWON in China


Dear experts, we are working with eWON cosy applied in Chinese meat factories for years and most of the time we experience different problems with connectivity (internet, talk2M,…). Latest - we successfully test internet conection (DHCP) on our notebook and same cable connect to eWON - can’t pass even Test of internet connectivity. The local factory network administrators are not interested to search for solution. Beside usual settings and procedure, we don’t know which exact requirements we have for their factory LAN. Is there any list of requirements that we could present to admins and be sure if they set it, and we set the eWON side - the connection will be established. Thanks


Yes, they will want to review this document to make sure the network allows connections to our servers:


Thanks Kyle. This is what we need in the future. Appreciate that.
Although, I can’t open websupport. pages in China.
Our problem (this time) was solved by wiring fiber-optical cable and installing one Convertor. As far as I understand - it just makes the signal stronger. Usual LAN cable was enough to give internet connection to our notebooks, but not for ewon. Can’t explain better.
Thanks again


You’re welcome. Please let me know if you have any other questions!