Failed: Talk2M access denied

Hi, I have an eWon Cosy 131 that is already linked in a different eCatcher account and I doesnt allowed me to add it to my eCatcher account.

How can I disable in the first account to add it to my account? this device we use it for tech service.

You need to login to the account and delete the device. Then you can connect to the Cosy LAN port with a computer and run the Talk2m wizard with the key from the new account.

We dont have access to that account, is a guy that is not longer working for us.

If you do not have his password and he is from your company. Your IT can reactive his email so you can receive the password reset email. Once logged in you can delete the device.

Is there another way? I am in a jobsite right now and I need to set this up? could you guys do it remotely?

No, for security we are not have the ability to remove devices. You may create a ticket in are support portal where you can fill out a request forum for the removal, but escalations go to Belgium and would not be responded to till tomorrow.