Firmware error on Ewon 4005CD

Having an issue updating the firmware on a couple of ewon’s using ebuddy.
See attached images

firmware error 2
firmware error 3
firmware error 4

Also have another Ewon4005CD with firmware 8.0s2 that will not update either.
I get the same download error on both.
Can you help with this?


For the 4005CD, the latest firmware that it will support is 11.2s2. You will not be able to update the firmware further.

As for the 8.0s2, you will need to update sequentially. i.e. 8.0->9.0->10.0. If this doesn’t work, you will need to perform a recovery with ebuddy to set the firmware to 11.2s2.


Thanks for the quick response. That helps with the first one. The one with firmware 8 does not give me other options.
Firmware error

How do I perform a recovery?


You are still trying to do an firmware update. You will need to select eWon Recovery.


I advise creating a backup before hand, as it wil set the device back to factory state.You will need a switch to beconnected between your PC and the ewon unit.


I was just pointing out that there were no other firmware options to download.
I was able to do a backup but when I try the recovery I get “This is not a recoverable Ewon model”


What is the version you are trying to recover too?


It doesn’t even get that far.

Recovery Error

I was mistaken, the Ewon 4005CD cannot be recovered. As it is a Legacy device, we do not have active firmware for these devices, nor will we be developing for them.

So what you are saying is I can’t even update the firmware from version 8 to the current version 11.

That is the case we no longer have the firmware files available for any less then 11.3.