Firmware for X-Gateway AB7631

Hey Dave,

Do you have the serial number for that device?


It is A025473B for the Gateway, A0244D74 for the ASi master and A0254171 for the Modbus TCP interface

Hi Dave, I’m sorry for the delay. I am going to have to check with the product manager on Monday, I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. I will talk to you on Monday.


I put it in post on


I would like to get a status update on this case.

Hi Dave,

That’s a very reasonable request given the time you’ve been waiting. I’m not sure why I haven’t received a response from the product manager, but I know he was out some days this week. I just sent an email to follow up (it’s night time in Sweden right now) and I expect to hear back on Monday.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. If you do have the current firmware versions, in the meantime, can you let me know what they are?

Thank you,


Kyle, see attached screen shot.

Kyle, I still need the Swedes to answer my firmware question.

Here is the latest firmware for the webpage: (143.4 KB)


You’re welcome and I’m really sorry for the delay on that, we were transitioning to a new ticketing system and the escalation wasn’t seen right away with the person on vacation.

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