Firmware mismatch


I currently have abs-etn 10/100 2204-2.1.1 M00539. They are used in an accweb 4000 controller to communicate with our line. We use Allen Bradley controls. We use to run version 21.03 on our L73 controller. Now, we upgraded to L83 running version 32. Currently, we are running into firmware mismatch issue’s with the controllers. Is there away to update the firmware on the communication modules?


I’m not sure why you would need to update the firmware just because the controller was updated. You should be able to just use the current EDS file with the newer version. In any account, it sounds like this is an embedded device in your Accweb device, so you would have to contact the OEM. I apologize, but we can’t help you with a product that they have customized.