Firmware Netbiter EC310

Hello, I have a firmware update problem on an EC310, I made the first update v1.xx to v2.01.05, the download displays: "Firmware update status: 2020-09-08 10:47 : 47.0 In progress 40% “and since it is blocked, I restarted it several times and it is always the same. The” Uplink / WAN "indicator is always red and nothing more happens. How can I troubleshoot my Netbiter? Regards Florian

Do you know if your firmware was between 1.4.5-1.8.1 for the firmware before you updated the device?

Are you able to connect to the device locally or is the device somewhere remote?

Hello, yes I can connect locally, the software version is 1.8.1. I updated from V1.x.x to v2.01.05 and the download crashed at 40% and since then it is OFF LINE.

Can we setup a time to take a look at this with you over TeamViewer when you’re available?

Now if you want I just connected via the USB cord?

I’m free now if you can send me the teamviewer info

I ended up solving my problem with the manual, I downloaded the update from NETBITER support, I reinjected it and the system started again.
Thank you for your availability.

Thanks Florian,

Glad to hear that you got the device working!

Best Regards,

Hello, I have a problem with recording data and displaying values on a NETBITER EC310. The netbiter was faulty in communication, I reset it, I reloaded the last updated Firmware and put back online. I recovered the communication, but since then it does not record any more data. Can you tell me what it is from? Regards Florian

What is the system ID for this device? It should start with 003011 usually

Hello, the username of the netbiter is: 00: 30: 11: FA: DE: D0

It looks like sometimes you’re getting data through and other times you’re getting timeouts. Is there any kind of noise on the line that might be causing issues?

What do you hear by a noise?

I mean electrical noise on the line. Is this an Ethernet connection to these devices or is it Serial?

It seems weird to me that it’s getting timeouts and successful messages without some kind of issue on the line

Hello, this is an ethernet connection. I have three Netbiter (EC150, EC350 and EC310) to install on the site and only the EC310 has been problematic for some time. Do you have any notions of “debit” or other indication concerning the ethernet connection for the proper functioning of the Netbiter?

Hi Florian,

So when our device is getting timeout messages that means that we’re sending a request to the device and not getting anything back and this registers as a timeout. This could potentially be an issue with the cables, the device behind the Netbiter running into issues or something else on the network causing communication issues. But we don’t really have any way to narrow down what might be causing those faults.

As far as I can tell, nothing appears to be wrong with the netbiter


Ok, I’ll do what is necessary to check the internet connection.
Thanks for your help .

I don’t think that this is an internet issue because the device is still online, I think it’s an issue with the devices connected to it on the LAN side

Hello, this morning I encountered a problem, I can no longer access my different Netbiter accounts.

A message appears “An error occurred while connecting to”.

Can you tell me what this means?


Hi Florian,

This might have been a connection issue to our servers. Are you still seeing issues reaching the site?