Firmware update on AB9078-C


I am trying to get the C# example project for the AB9078 gateway working.

I read in another post that I should update the firmware with the version that comes with the template.

However, when I connect to the gateway with the Firmware Manager, I get an ‘FTP not available’ message:

I have tried connecting with USB and Ethernet. USB does not find the module.

My current firmware:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

Hi @Mike_GMS,

You actually have the latest version of the firmware, 2.03.01, so an update is not necessary. I do know that you need to follow the instructions closely for this gateway, because you need to have the .NET program running before certain features of the gateway and Ethernet/IP network will work.

You can find all of the documentation for the AB9078 here.


For others that might be having the same problem , I missed the “Firmware Download” mode button on the device web page:


I have not tried it, but I suspect I was not in the correct mode.