Firmwire manager usage

i want to load the Modbus-TCP functionality using HMS’ Firmware Manager II utility to AB6610 , and do it follow Section 4 of

Design guide HMSI-27-269 2.4 , But when I connect AB6610 with PC and open Firmware Manager and press the scan button ,
I can‘t find module, thus can’t load the firmware ,

Should I insert the AB6610 into a special device? Should I use a special wire to connect the PC with module?

Hello @xiangyang ,

Firmware manager II uses transport path setup by the Anybus Transport Provider driver. How are you setting up the connection to the AB6610? Often times how this is can be done is controlled by the device it is embedded into. It is usually easiest to use the Starter kit to create the transport path and change firmware type

Deryck .

Do you have any guideline for this kind operation? we have firmware from sales , but now can’t load, thanks in advanced!

Do you have a Starter Kit? Anybus CompactCom Starter Kit

When run Firmware Manager II what connection method are you using? What is the device embedded in?


should the AB6610 be inserted a special device , i just use a ethernet wire to connect module and PC, is it right?

It needs to be powered up and initialized by a host if you are trying to use the FTP option, this would be used if trying to connect over ethernet. The transport providers need to setup a connection though the serial connection, This is most likely done through the starterkit serial connection.

Is the AB6610 connected to anything on the flash connector side to power it up?

we insert AB6610 into our communication board, but the LED light is off, is it OK?
I have change the IP when i use FTP , but no works,
i have do follow below link guide, but the manager show no module

Does the device show up in Firmware Manager? Can you open a standard FTP connection to the device using Filezilla or a similar program?


No,i can not find the module, does the module need to insert into a special device? i just connect the module to the PC with ethernet cable? do the module need power supply? how to supply power? what is the default IP?

Now I need load firmware to AB6610 , firmware is on hand, what should I prepare?

I connect the module with PC , open the firmware manager , but can not find the module,

the following video is from Anybus Website,

when Use the ethernet way to update firmware , should the module insert into a special device?

Dear :

I want to load firmware to AB6610 module, but failed, the procedure as following:

  1. open tool suit ,change the ID9901 to Ethernet Modbus, ID9960 to,ID9961 to, ,ID9962 to;

2.change PC IP address to,Subnet mask:

3.connect the module to PC with ethernet cable; Firmware Manager II Tool, Tools-à Option-àNetwork adapter, see below screenshot:


5: Add firmware which is provided by HMS to Repository, as following:

6.then you can see below screenshot, we can find the module, but the process is stuck, I can’t do anything,


So , please help to check whether above procedure is correct or not? thanks !

With best regards,
Xiang Yang Feng

Hi @xiangyang,

Are you a developer for the device? Do you know if the Firmware on the device it is embedded allows for firmware updates and FTP transfers? The host application might be blocking either the FTP protocol used or blocking the firmware update/change itself. Do you know anyone more familiar with the devices firmware?