FJ-RC-WMP-1 Ambient temperature showing as -32768

Intesis FJ-RC-WMP-1 Ambient temperature showing as -32768. Any help is appreciated


That reading shows that the unit is not recieving a temp value from the Sensor. Do you have a Wall remote on the line? If so, what is the dipswitch configuration of the Intesis Unit?

No wall unit, just an IR remote. The dip switches are all in the 1 position


Is there a temperature sensor on the AC unit? Currently, the Intesis Unit is looking for that value on the AC, but it is not getting any information. If there is no ambient temperature senosr, then the Intesis unit will not able to display it.

There is an ambient temperature sensor in the AC unit, because the AC unit switches on and off according to the set temperature. I though the Intesis controller has a built in temperature sensor and can display the ambient from there.


No the device does not have a temperature sensor on board the unit.

That is the data sheet of the Intesis unit that shows the hardware specifications.

You may need a wall remote tied to the line to get the ambient temperature.

When I trialled the Intesis IR repeater wifi version, ambient temperature was being shown correctly. Is there something I need to do to get ambient temperature from the wired version? I opted for wired for reliability but it seems to missing functionality

The user manual indicates room temperature is supported. Can you please clarify?

The room temperature is support by our units. However, the Intesis unit polls the temperature from the AC or wired remote.

The available controls shows the capabilities it has. As some dont have signal errors, or error codes.

Any additional questions?

No, it’s disappointing that it does not work as expected. I thought it would poll the AC for the ambient temperature but it doesn’t.

My apologies on that. You can reach out to our inside sales to discuss options.