Flashing MS LED

Have an Anybus X-Gateway Ethernet IP to Profinet IO.The configuration appears correct. However we are not getting a response from the Profinet IO to the S7-1500. There was a generator Test the other day and it appears that this may have occurred when the power cycled.We can connect to the gateway access its configuration etc.

The Ethernet IP MS LED is Flashing Red and it appears that the NS LED is flashing Green in unison with it… at approximately 500ms intervals.


Do you know if you are having an issue on the profinet side or the Ethernet/IP side? You described an issue with the profinet side but the LED on the MS side indicate an issue with the ethernet/IP connection.

You might want to check with the HMS IP config software that the EIP side still has the correct IP address. If dip switches are enabled this could have changed the IP on a reboot.


It is with the Profinet Side, in the interim I have swapped the X-Gateway out and the issue appears now to be with the device connected to its Ethernet IP input.

Yes it is the EIP side that has the error. According to the configuration the IP address is correct

I am having a hard time understanding where you are seeing issues. Do you have any errors on either the profinet master or the EIP scanner? Can you look over the application notes for both interfaces and make sure they are setup correctly. https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/x-gateway-specific/?ordercode=AB7649

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