FLB 3202 Antenna NEMA rating

We have making “interface” systems with the Ewon flexy 205 mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure and we have been mounting the FLB 3202 antenna through the enclosure in order to get signal. If installed properly does the antenna still allow for a NEMA 4 outdoor rating? If not how is it supposed to be installed to maintain that rating? I assume the antenna mounted directly to the card doesn’t work in a closed metal enclosure (Faraday cage effect).


The antenna mounted directly on the card would have an issue communicating. If the antenna is going to be outdoors the sales team maybe able to help on your choice.


We do have an internal/external antenna option. PArt# FAC90901_0100. You can find the spec sheet here: https://hms365-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/rowi_hms_se/EfkC2SzZEZlFoNALWVsXlA4BZhShcKDMVYIoCbPLIb0DDg?e=m6BGqt

This does not have the Nema 4 rating however. For that you would need to go third party for the antenna. Some on the antennas we use com from the company Taoglas: https://www.taoglas.com/