FLB3205 Card Issue

Hi Mike.
The problem with the card is when it is plugged in to Flexy 205 the STAT LED light is solid red. The manual doesn’t say what is the procedure when STAT LED is steady red.

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This is probably just a firmware mismatch. The Flexy needs to have at least ver 13.2 to use the FLB 3205.

Please remove the card from the device, power on and upgrade the firmware using eBuddy. When completed, please power off and replace card.

Hi Kyle,
Did you communicate this to Nexgen?
Mike Potts

This came in as an email chain with Svilen and Ricardo so I cc’d them through hms.how.

Hi Kyle, The firmware version is 13.2s1 The card was setup initially and was working fine.

Got it.

Have you tried it in the other slot? Does the Flexy detect the card at all? (Go to Diagnostic > Status > System Info > System to see the detected cards.)

It is not detecting the card on both slots. I also have a WiFi card FLB3271 and it works fine with the Flexy

OK Please return the card to the distributor for a replacement. Reference ticket 25655.

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