Greetings. I just installed a new Flex201 with an Ethernet expansion module to remotely access PLC’s and HMI’s in a new plant. We also use it to send Email and SMS alert and alarm notification. Everything is fine working except for the SMS notifications on alarm. I’ve read everything I can find and looks pretty simple but I just can’t get it to work.
I do see that the syntax for the Flexy is different than my other 4005CD units. I’m a destination format of 01xxxxxxxxxx@sms.talk2m.com. Is this correct? If so, any other suggestions?


Is this the document you used for setting up the email alarm?

Are you able to provide a backup of the Ewon using eBuddy with support files attached?

Something else to check is you will need credits in your account. If you login to eCatcher and go tot eh account page there will be a section called “Credit & Contract” that will tell you your current Credit Balance. If you are out of credits you can press the “Credit and payments” button in that section. Then in the new screen press the “New payment” button to add credit to the account.

I responded to you Email, but I’ll post it here again.

Hi Zack, and thanks for the quick response. Yes indeed that is the document. Below is a picture of the Credit & Contract page. I have never made a payment. If I was supposed to, I sure missed it back 2018. How much am I supposed to pay and how often? Does this info tell you that need to pay something?

Oh, I’ll hold off on the pic, it has my account info on it.

And I just noticed your question about the backup. I don’t know that I know how to do that but I’ll look at it this evening.

Adding credits is the only payment that can be done on a free account and you add a fix amount of credits. Upgrading to a pro account comes with 50 sms per a mouth as well as a few other options.

Are sales team would be able to help if you have more questions.
they can reach at:

+1 312 829 0601, opt. 1

or by email:

Hi Zack. I haven’t had the opportunity to resolve this issue, but I did speak with Matt in your sales group at the phone number you gave me last Friday. He said it should not be a credits issue since the new Flexy 201 is linked to my eCatcher account correctly and the other eWon, the 4005CD, works properly. He said it more likely a configuration problem but could off no further assistance. Everything works fine except the SMS.

So, I’d like you to clarify for me one thing I’m not certain about, and that would be the correct syntax/format for the SMS Destination of the Email and SMS configuration page. I have a feeling this where the problem may lie. Please provide me an example a properly formatted SMS destination - they will be from the US to the US. The information in kb-0046-00 is a bit confusing and differs from the example on the configuration page and is different from the destination address used on the 4005CD.

I have also attached the Backup support file from the Flexy 201 in question. It says download successful, but I can’t open so I don’t know if I did some thing wrong.



There are a few things from the backup I noted.

  1. This Flexy does not have a modem extension card so you would not be using the sms upon field. you would but the number with the relay into the email upon field.

  2. You are not using the talk2m sms relay. What you are using is another companies email to text relay which I would not be able to diagnose why it is not sending besides you are currently using the wrong field and it would need to be in email upon. You can try testing with the talk2m relay to see if you can receive an sms though.

To do this you would put the (your mobile number)@sms.talk2m.com in the email upon field section 5.1 goes over the syntax for it. you will need the country code when using the sms relay.

Hi Zack. Thanks for your reply yesterday. That indeed solved the problem. As soon as I read your note, I realized that is how it works with 4005CD. So good work! However, the text message I get contains only the Email Subject. It does not contain the Email Attachment(s).
Regular Email messages are fine. See examples below of test messages.

Event on Tagname: AIR_COMP_FAULT

Status: END, Level:

*** Tagname Description:


*** Tagname Value:

Alarm Time: 10/05/2022 08:50:27, Current value: 0

ALARM Action:



This Email has been generated automatically by:

*** Device Identification:


*** Device Description:

*** Device TCP/IP addresses





Also, I don’t understand the example under the Email attachments field.

Perhaps you can help.

Try checking the box for “format as short message” this will add the alarm status in the subject which helps with sms messages.

Yeah, I tried that earlier. It does put more info into the text but it’s all like one big long sentence. it also alters the way a regular email is displayed. All the contend is in the subject and nothing in the body. Both are difficult to interpret.