Flexy 205 antenna


Please provide information about NEMA or IP information for the antenna FAC90901_0100. Client is looking to confirm if he place the antenna outdoors.

Also, is there any extension cable 10 meters long for this antenna?

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I was not able to find any NEMA or IP info myself I have asked our inside sales team to see if this is info they have.

They should also be able to help with the Extension cable.


See spec sheet hereFAC90901_0100 Datasheet.pdf (415.8 KB)

This is the only antenna option we have. If you need something custom you will need to look third party.

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Hello team,

I can find if the antenna fac90901_0100 is compatible with EC6133F_00MA ewon cosy model.


Yes this antenna is compatible with all Cosy/Flexy 4G cellular versions.