Flexy 205 connecting to Mitsubishi FX5U

I am having trouble connecting to a Mitsubishi PLC that is FX5U. According to Section 3.3 of “Polling Data from Mitsubishi PLC”, "PLC Protocol Compatibility
The table below shows the protocols that are supported by the Ewon Flexy and, for each of
those protocols, which IO server you need to use inside the Ewon Flexy to connect your
Mitsubishi PLC.
PLC Family Ethernet protocol Ewon Flexy IO server
Mitsubishi A series Yes MELSEC
Mitsubishi L series Yes MELSEC
Mitsubishi R series Yes MELSEC
Mitsubishi Q series Yes MELSEC
Mitsubishi FX3U series Yes MELSEC
Mitsubishi FX5U series Yes MELSEC

I have a FX5U, but when I try to type in the the model in the IO server topic, FX5U isn’t a valid option. FX3U is an option. Am I missing something? Should FX3U work for FX5U PLCs?


The FX5U uses QCPU here is a document on the setup.

Can you update this documentation to reflect this?


aug-0088-00-en-poll-data-from-mitsubishi-plc-using-ethernet-protocol.pdf (709 KB)