Flexy 205 connecting to multiple Mitsubishi PLCs

According to the document, “Polling data from misubishi PLC”:
“Even though there are only three topics, the Ewon Flexy can support polling from more
than three PLCs on the same IO server. To poll from more than three PLCs, do not specify the device address in the topic. Instead, include the device address as part of the tag address as described later in this document. When entering a device address, a helper appears to indicate if the address uses a valid syntax for this IO server. An address using a valid syntax is displayed in green and an
invalid syntax in red.”

Can someone provide an example of what the IO server topic address should look like for connecting to multiple PLCs?

I have not been able to get this to work.
When I try “FX3UCPU,TCP” I get a red invalid address error.
When I try “FX3UCPU” I get the invalid address error.


This is the incorrect syntax since you are not using the IO server address field and you are directly putting the address in each tag instead.

The Memory type comes first in the tag address. If you click on the tag address field a drop down will appear and help you with the correct order of the address.

So what should I enter in the IO server address field and what should I enter in the tag address field? Can you provide an example?

Section 16 of the IO server document does over the the MELSEC IOServer.

If you are only setting up 3 PLCs then use the Topics to set the Global Device Address (section 16.2.1 in the document)

If you are using more then you need to set it in each tag using the value name followed by the Global Device Address (section 16.3 in the document)

Is it possible to connect to more than 3 DF1 PLCs?

Yes, you just need to put the PLC address in the tag itself, not the topic.